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L-TS intake airtemperature probe small

L-TS Temperature Probe up to 155C based on NTC

The initial spark for this probe was the demand of the Motorsport group of a prestigious German university  for a fast-response temperature sensor based on NTC. The thread should be small and the immersion depth had to be minimized due to limited space. Moreover, the resistance curve needs to be compatible with common intake air temperature sensors. EngineSens developed a T1 probe with M6 thread, immersion depth 11 mm and a 5 kohms NTC. The operating temperature ranges from -55 C to +155 C. The connecting cable can be shortened or lengthened. This temperature sensor can be used as intake air temperature sensor, as well as ambient temperature probe in buildings and to monitor industrial processes in flowing gases (e.g. in clean rooms).



Temperature range

-55C ...+155C

nominal resistance

5 kOhm@25C

characteristic curve

NTC 16.3 kOhm@ 0C; 0.3 kOhm@100C

immersion depth

11 mm

tolerance class

+/- 1 %


thread M6

connection cable

2 x 0,5 mm

length of connection cable

1000 mm

conditions of use

hot gases, air

recommended supply voltage

5 V DC stabilized

recommended pull-up resistor for voltage divider

5 kOhm

order code


Drawing 80020 L-TS (PDF)

nominal resistance table L-TS (PDF)