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Sensing the future

June 2017

Our Portfolio:

Temperature Probes, Differential Pressure Sensors for Particle Filters, Airflowmeters, NOx-Probes and consultancy regarding Exhaust Gas Purification and Exhaust Gas Sensors.




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The annual congress "Sensors for exhaust gas cleaning and CO2 reduction" takes place at the end of June in Augsburg. The moderation of the congress is carried out by our company. A visit to the MAN Diesel & Turbo plant is planned during the evening events. The introduction of particulate filters in direct-injection gasoline engines currently drives the automobile developers. It is still not clear which sensor system will be the most effective to meet OBD requirements. Soot sensors, pressure sensors and temperature sensors as stand-alone solutions or in combination are discussed. In future, gasoline engines will be equipped with additional exhaust gas sensors.

Diesel engines in vehicles must be upgraded to meet the new RDE requirements. This will lead to a further spread of SCR systems, which in the future will also show higher additive consumption. Against this background, precise determination of the required quantity of aqueous urea solution over a wide operating range is the key to success. Without nitrogen oxide or ammonia sensors, no solution will be found. The latest sensor developments will be presented and discussed at the conference.

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This clearly defines the most important topics:

- Pressure sensors

- Temperature sensors

- Nitric oxide and Ammonia sensors

- Hydrocarbon sensors

- Integration of the individual sensors into the OBD

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As in previous years, the introductory workshop runs through our house.

Individual In-house Workshops

We offer seminars for the following topics:

  • formation of pollutants in combustion processes, emission legislation
  • catalytic aftertreatment
  • DeNOx and DPF systems
  • sensors in aftertreatment systems
  • measuring temperatures and function of temperature probes
  • airquality sensors
  • emission legislation
  • CO2 fleet limits
  • Driving cycles: NEDC, WLTP, FTP, SFTP, etc.

The following events can be organized as in-house workshops. The content will be determined individually with the customer. A minimum group size of 4 participants is recommended. The seminars can be conducted in English.

Basics of Exhaust Gas Purification

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Basics of Exhaust Gas Aftertreatment

Sensors in Exhaust Gas Aftertreatment Systems

Sensors for Exhaust Gas Aftertreatment